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 Petrochemical Pump
Single-stage overhung pumps 1 SS petrol chemical process pumps
2 PC petrol chemical process pumps
3 SC petrol chemical pumps
4 PLA petrol chemical process pumps
5 VP vertical in-line process pumps
6 IH chemical process pumps
Between bearings pumps 1 ADS horizontal double-suction pumps
2 ADS R horizontal double-suction pumps
3 DS horizontal multi-stage  pumps
4 HB horizontal multi-stage barrel casing pumps
vertical submerged pumps 1 VB vertical can pumps
2 DL vertical multi-stage pumps
3 VT vertical submerged pumps
4 YW submersible pumps with long shaft
5 LH submerged pumps with long shaft
6 GY high temperature salt-melting pumps
7 GCY liquid-sulfur pumps
other 1 DUH self-priming pumps
2 MF chemical mix flow pumps
3 HZW chemical Axial-flow pumps
4 QW submerged pumps
5 VMP vacuum pumps
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